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Shatner can’t be beat, ‘cept maybe by “T” himself

July 19, 2006

I’m a big advocate of having faith, mostly due to the fact that my Father was a Pastor,

but some things just have to be seen to be believed.

This is one of those things…Shatner continues to out do himself…

but this is why I love the man…

For a long time I just found the on-line hysteria over Mr. T to be fun, but trite, now I’m beginning to understand why Mr. T borders so many generations.  He is a philosopher of song and dance…

though this is about as painful as anything Hasselhoff has ever done… maybe worse… he actually starts moving half way through… hilarious, you must keep watching if you stopped… the passion!

That’s all for now… enjoy.

Sequelitis: A new “Rocky”… ready or not.

July 11, 2006

When do we become tired of seeing a sequel, of a sequel, of a sequel, of a sequel…

Does time allow us to forget the failing of a theatrical series. It has with Superman. But Supes was an icon from long before he was a movie. He’s a part of our bloodstream as a culture; a metaphor for greater things. But is Rocky the same thing? Does the mention of Rocky inspire something mroe in you? Writing about it I remember that he used to? Maybe part 5 was too soon (for the audience and the filmmakers, who had nothing original to say). Maybe time is ripe now, but enough time has passed that a certain level of nostolgia has set in, or if not that, curiosity?

I would be interested to know how you all react to the trailer below, of yes, the newest installment of the Rocky film. Which is also directed by Stallone – he has doen it before. The dude is physically bigger than he ever has been. The story recreates the under dog theme with something that could refresh the series… age. And a brain spasm like in part V is not age. This trailer to me? The music didn’t do it for me, usually in dealing with nostalgia for a film if the music doesn’t do it, so that’s one strike against. The story didn’t peak my interest, per se. It doesn’t have the freshness of the first two, and the epic social commentary of the fourth (which was the highest grossing Rocky). Actually the thing that peaked my curiosity was Rocky’s final line. Hearing Stallone speak in character, with Rocky’s self-depricating sense of humor shows to me that perhaps this film has forgotten it’s far to serious tone that leaked in in part IV, and took over in V. If the character holds onto his sense of humor, it may not be the greatest Rocky, but it might be a Rocky worth seeing.