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“Crash”, Mel and The Flaws in Racial “isms” or Reverse Racism – A Rant

August 17, 2006

I was a fan of the film “Crash”, but I also realize it was incredibly flawed. Some of the greatest movies made in my eyes are incredibly flawed; films in which the vision of the filmmaker becomes so self-contained that it loses some of the logic or reality and follows more of a poetically emotional path. A couple others for me are “Bladerunner” (my favorite of films), Shyamalan’s “The Village”, and “Lady in the Water”, and “The Life Aquatic: with Steve Zissou”. These films to me retain a certain beauty, a carefree attitude toward what is expected and should be accepted as art in film. There’s a greater level of ingenuity, and originality in these films – moments of humanity that cannot be achieved by the type of filmmaker who sticks so closely to the three act structure. Coppola and Kubrick are the two greatest achievers of this art form whose films are typically not flawed, though I feel “Full Metal Jacket” falls into the latter, and “Eyes Wide Shut” disappears into the ethereal of flawed filmmaking, but I’m getting away from the focus of this Blog: “Crash”.

Many believe “Crash” to be unrealistic in it’s depiction of racial warfare and racism. No one would act out that way in reality or be that vocal about it. They argue that the racism people struggle with is far more subtle and dangerous. The things we keep to ourselves. It’s far more dangerous for a political leader to hate African Americans to himself than it would be to hate them out loud. I understand that. It is a far more realistic a view of the world. Or is it? (more…)