Paris Je T’aime — Weekly Movie Update from LA

Before Pirates lambastes the world I thought I would take a moment and praise this little film that has almost more passion than it knows what to do with. Passion for Paris and even more so, passion for cinema.

paris je t'aim movie poster

“Paris Je T’aime” is a new film from the same producer of “Amelie”, that other love note to Paris. But here the Directors are far more diverse. Everyone from The Coen Brothers to Walter Salles to the cinematographer Christopher Doyle to Alphonso Cuaron to Gerard Depardieu to Alexander Payne to Tom Tykwer to Wes Craven to Gus Van Sant ( and many French directors as well who I will now take the time to get to know)… well it seemed like every director or person who wanted to direct something in Paris poured their heart into one of the 18 shorts that comprised this film – you can see all of their names circling the poster along with all of the actors too.

And thank God they wanted to. What could have been an exercise in excess never once lurches as it passes from one skillful hand to the next. It sings, vaults and dances circles around your senses. One moment laughing at the absurdity – the next moved by something suddenly emotional. This film captures Paris in snapshots, beautiful little snapshots. Precise, keen snapshots. The subtlety at which some of the stories were told baffled and surprised me. All of you wannabe filmmakers out there who feel like a short film has to be a half hour long, watch this movie and learn.

And as I stated Paris isn’t the only thing the makers of this film are in love with, they show a passion for all kinds of cinema. And it’s a joy to watch them share their visions.

Check it out. It’s a gem.

Watch these trailers. Do not search for the American trailer, they give away too many plot points…idiot American Producers.

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One Response to “Paris Je T’aime — Weekly Movie Update from LA”

  1. Paul Martin Says:

    Ah, Paris, je t’aime. It brings a little tear to the corner of my eye as I watch those trailers (that I hadn’t seen before). I’ve seen the film twice and loved it, certainly more than most people it seems.

    It opened here (Australia) just after the 2007 Melbourne Film Festival, and it motivated me to pull my finger out and take up French language classes, which I’d been contemplating for many years.

    I also think it’s a gem – variously moving, funny, absorbing, absurd and profound. I’ve written a little about it on my blog.

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