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The Retarding of Like Words or Something

June 15, 2007

sheep at griffithI’m a fairly young individual so I haven’t been around to really experience tremendous shifts in our culture. Sure there was 9/11, but nothing really changed. I suppose I was around for the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of communism, oh, and the end of the cold war. But none of that really affected me or the reality of my world. Did I really think it was all going to end with the press of a button. At that age I was a bit more optimistic; I probably assumed the Transformers would step in to save the day. I missed the really big ones like Vietnam and the nuclear holocaust when our music and films were shaken by the political times. I don’t think I’ve seen a culture more affected in their art by the devastating effect that the nuclear holocaust had on Hiroshima and then Nagasaki. All that aside I consider myself an observant young individual, taking note of the smaller things, like shifts in style and taste of music, film genres and fashion. Sitting here I imagine a time in which the blue period was the talk of the town and critics alike. Romantic comedies were big a year ago, the blue period was big two centuries ago. That shift is not a cyclical one, that’s a cultural upheaval. That’s not a fad, that’s a phenomenon. But this awareness also extends to the way people represent themselves through speech.