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“Transformers” and What Will Kids Now Have to Look Forward To in Ten Years

July 8, 2007

transformers poster

I can’t and won’t say I was blown away by this film (Die Hard still takes that cake for the moment). Can’t only because I merely enjoyed it to a great extent and won’t because it’s Michael Bay, and the excess of Michael Bay is like stepping on an ant to make sure it’s dead after a nuclear device it was standing on just went off. (I still find it terribly funny that Michael Bay has two movies on the Criterion Collection. It’s like seeing Ben Affleck on the Actor’s Studio, “Yes Ben, and after your work in a hack-job action movie in which you obliterated everything good about Philip K. Dick you then went on to make mincemeat of a great super hero turning it into the 2nd worst comic book adaptation in the history of cinema…tell us a little about how you took that Academy Award Winner status and pissed on it!”)