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LA Movie Update July 6th-8th: “Joshua”, “Rescue Dawn”, “Lucas” and “Ratatouille”

July 10, 2007

Other than, I guess “Transformers”, I had a pretty low key weekend at the box office. It seems the Indie section of the studios thought it smart to release some of these films under the radar of the biggest over exposed blockbuster of the year. They figure anyone with any real film sensibilities would run screaming from the giant robots and into the arms of, say, “Joshua”.

joshua in redDelving into the realms of parental paranoia Joshua creates an interesting psychological vortex. It’s not so much that the boy of the title feels unloved or forgotten about, but that he feels he shouldn’t be loved “just because”. And the film plays and toys with that idea, creating one solid layer on top of another, until we have a nice lasagna of psychology to chew on afterward. Is it enough for a parent to just “love” their children? Does little Joshua really hate his baby sister? At what point does Joshua start to turn for the worse? These are questions the writer/director doesn’t feel are necessary to answer or maybe they don’t need to be. The fact that there are unanswered questions or plot holes in the end isn’t what hurts this movie. The movie falters because it doesn’t know how much of one thing it wants to be. (more…)