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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Review

July 12, 2007

12:15 a.m. A couple hundred younger people are seated throughout the dark theatre. The music doesn’t begin right away as it has in the past when the logo appears. Instead a foreboding silence accompanies the silvery dark gray-blue hued clouds that hang just behind the large WB on the screen.

wb logo

A few people applaud, but many wait, feeling perhaps that because of the final events of the previously seen film this one is somehow going to be different. And as the logo approaches us and begins to pass Harry Potter’s theme begins and the crowded one screen theatre house on opening morning goes crazy.

order logo

There are some minor spoilers here!

dumbledore army“Dumbledore’s Army” is the name of the illegal gathering of students that Harry Potter leads in this 5th installment of the popular book turned movie series, and with “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, like Harry growing up and learning to take control of his destiny, the filmmakers have made a stunning leap away from the kiddie-friendly adventures of the earlier films and have positioned this film as the most mature, frightening and perhaps best of the series thus far. Because of the heavier nature of the film, it’s easy to not take for granted that Voldemort is a true villain, and that in facing such a villain there are real consequences. It smartly picks up with the consequences of the previous chapter The Goblet of Fire, but I’ll get to that.