Plans for Birthday this 15th of July 2008

Because so many people became agitated with me when I didn’t let them know it was my Birthday ahead of time last year; I sent out a schedule of places I’m going to be through out the day, and they can come and go as they please. I share this with you (it’s better if you imagine the Mission Impossible theme over the top of it.)

9:00a.m. Awake, scheduled ahead of time that snooze would be hit twice.

10:00 a.m. meet to head over to LACMA early enough to be able to walk around before lunch. Finally using the membership I bought, but already running a half hour late…should still be there by 11:00a.m.

2:30p.m. Get some old school Hollywood loving at The Pig ‘n Whistle. It is said that many a famous writer once sat in that room…even Orson Welles. This will be my first visit. Hope to feel some of the mojo.

4:15p.m. Meet at Arclight.

4:40p.m. Enjoy La Vie en Rose at mentioned Arclight. Why did the American studio feel the need to rename it that? There’s already a French film with that title that people in the US know about. Stupid studios.

7:ish p.m. After movie is done move to the Cat and the Fiddle for some free jazz, a drink or two and dessert(?)

11:00p.m. Jazz is done. Inspired by great performance, decide to improv for the rest of the night. See where I end up.

Rest of the week: Get together individually with the 30 people who complained last year, but can’t make it this year. Isn’t that the way it is?

That’s alright, I got an interesting gig that I’ll post about sometime after Thursday…

2 Responses to “Plans for Birthday this 15th of July 2008”

  1. Josh Says:

    Happy Birthday Phil!

    (Sorry I forgot – Balin’s is on the 13th and we were having his party this weekend.)

    Hope all went well yesterday.

  2. Phillip Says:

    Thanks Josh!

    Read my other post…you’ll see how well it went.

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