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“Sunshine”: Real Science Fiction Burns Back into the Multiplex

July 20, 2007


“Sunshine”, the new science fiction film (though it does some genre hopping) from Director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, 28 Days Later) has made a film that wants to be talked about. And talk about it people did, as they were leaving the theatre. It’s almost impossible not to. Niche film lovers it seems go to midnight showings (the young gentleman beside me seemed to be having an emotional and physical orgasm) and so people were casually tossing around titles like 2001, drawing the simplest comparisons, and while there are many references to Kubrick’s science fiction opus, visual and otherwise (and other handy sci-fi flicks), Boyle’s film is more the antithesis of what Kubrick seemed to have on his mind when making 2001, in that humanity is destroyed by science and technology, but then reborn by a power far greater than we can understand…an omniscient being perhaps or something beyond our grasp. Boyle’s answer to that is sometimes profound and thoughtful, sometimes harshly literal and other times seems to be placed in a film that isn’t quite brilliant enough to encapsulate everything exactly the way he wants to say it. (more…)