Religious Paradox: “I thought you said crossing the streams was a bad idea?”

Who you gonna call...United Satanic Empire???Who you gonna call…United Satanic Empire???

It’s a strange world when religions seem to be switching sides.

This first video I assumed was going to be satirical. You know, one of those flippant internet personalities mocking religion. I’m a Christian and I don’t mind such things, but this sort of thing I do mind…nauseating that people spread the love in such a way. It upsets me that these are the kind of people that determine the outlook of Christianity for the secular world.

And watch the absolutely hilarious and strange response.

United Satanic Empire!!!! Satan…cares? First I think it’s funny that he apologizes to Canada! I would think that fact alone should require another apology from someone else over here. Canada, wha? An apology from someone other than creepy-lispy guy who looks like he belongs in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”.

So on one side we have the “christians” who hate everyone and claim God is going to mow over each and every one of us with hell fire and brimstone…

Then on the other side we have the “satanists” who love the world (including and most definitely Canada) and think everyone should be treated right proper in the eyes of Satan.

How long have I been out of the religious loop? I know I haven’t been to Church in a couple years, but I would have heard if God and Satan switched sides! People, screw your heads on straight. Good guys, act like good guys, bad, go kill some people and leave weird markings behind. Do what you do best, both of you, because this is all far too interesting for me to take seriously.

I know I don’t get an influx of comments, but this deserves at least one.

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