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NEWS FLASH; Sean Penn Cracks Joke!

August 18, 2007

sean penn pouts

Not only was it a joke, but it was almost self-deprecating. In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly next to a blurb about his forthcoming movie “Into the Wild” Penn was interviewed, and asked a question I’d wondered myself:

EW: You’ve never acted in the films you’ve directed. Why is that?

Penn: I never made the candy I ate, either. If I have a choice of eating it, or making it, [laughs] I’m going to eat it. I mean, I’ve done pretty much every job there is to do on movies. The actor’s job’s the toughest, but the director’s job is the most rewarding.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that funny. But he did laugh!

I like Mr. Penn. so I’ll give him a piece of advice, next time you use this line say, “I never eat the candy I make either.” That makes more sense and is funny.

I do look forward to this film though. I’ve really liked his movies.