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In Anticipation for Fall Movies: My Checklist

August 27, 2007

exiledThe only way to tell in Los Angeles when the seasons are changing is when the Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly hits your mailbox. It’s a promise by the studios that this is when you can expect to be entertained or provoked or let down.

In the world of film viewing it’s difficult to live without expectation. There’s always that moment when I first hear about a film or see a trailer that I become either for or against it. When for; I get a little jittery and excitable (to show my appreciation I used to throw my hands up in the air and hiss a “Yesssss”, well, I guess I still do sometimes.) When against; my companion and I either mock by faking migraines or making raspberry sounds with our thumbs dramatically pointing downward. A lot of times my expectations will change or I’ll be surprised. I can’t tell you how many raspberries I threw at the trailer for “Serenity” and I ultimately really liked it and sought out the series “Firefly” and really liked that. But there are also many disappointments. It’s really hard not to be sometimes. It’s really hard not to walk into a movie expecting something. Especially when dealing with a series of films, it’s incredibly difficult not to expect something. Thankfully there’s a large part of me that’s open to seeing almost anything, but something like “Live Free or Die Hard” better be good.

Looking over the list of fall films from last weeks Entertainment Weekly, and from the trailers that are already starting to crowd the screen before summer has finished there’s not a whole lot I’m really looking forward to, which is disappointing, so I’ll include ones I’m curious about and others that I’m staying as far away from as possible (as a quick note this is only a portion of the films being released, the rest all lie in the middle ground of film viewing for me):