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Ultimatums, Badness and Falling Stars: And, yes, in that order

August 29, 2007

After falling behind for a few weeks I finally finished my summer viewing slate. A double feature of “The Bourne Ultimatum”/“Superbad” and then a trip to the local cineplex to wet my fantasy appetite with “Stardust”.

bourne ultimatumIf only “The Bourne Ultimatum” meant as much as the level of film making suggested it did. We’re given Matt Damon as Jason Bourne again, only this time we lack the emotional core that made the second film that much more exciting. The cheapest trick is that they spend a large portion at the beginning of the film reminding you how great the second movie was. Remember, the girlfriend died? Yeah, that sucked, the first time we saw it. But by and large this film has very little to throttle the action forward other than Greengrass’ amazing direction and action scenes that make everything else that has come out this summer reek of shoddy craftsmanship. Not to say there isn’t a reason per se for Bourne to go hunting, it’s just that reason is little more than some vague exposition given up front that boils down to, “He just wants to remember who he is.” For the love of God give this man some answers, but you have to give us a reason to want to know as well. (more…)