Browsing instead of sleeping: The call of “Frisky Dingo”

killfaceI hate the nights when things weigh so heavily you just can’t sleep, and most of it when it comes down to it is exaggeration in the heat of imagination.

So, what do you do? Finish writing that screenplay? Start that next book? Write in your blog? Or do you spend hours wandering around watching other people’s lives through their home videos and short films? We can see which one I’m choosing to do at the moment, only because I don’t want to focus on something that means something to me, I mean really means something to me…I am supposed to be sleeping after all.

And this next thing that I have to say is pretty imperative when it comes to things that I don’t necessarily live or die for, but the 10 minute, once a week cartoon on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim called “Frisky Dingo” is about the closest thing to ten minutes of tv perfection I have ever seen. All of the seasons first episodes can be found on But it was the first episode of the second season that recently took the jump from a clever send up of the fan boy geek world I grew up in with some of the most intricately designed characters I’ve ever seen, into a full blown commentary on just about everything.

Taking a pseudo-documentary approach, we follow the villain Killface’s (pictured to the right) potential rise to presidential power. How could it be so? In a sheer twist of accidental and ironic fate, instead of destroying the world at the end of the first season, he has managed to stop global warming, and uses it to his advantage.

In the process every few seconds of the ten minutes (also available on youtube) a joke whizzes by! Jokes on par with the British version of “The Office”. And they keep coming. Every character has two, even three sides to themselves. Every character is flawed and at the same time tries really hard to be liked; the latter being the main focus of their stories, but they just can’t stop making things harder for themselves by being themselves!

It kind of feels like I’m starting to talk about myself, so I’ll end this love letter now. If you’re up late, check out “Frisky Dingo”, if you’re milling about give it ten minutes, you’ll find yourself glued to your computer 2 hours later, which isn’t always a great thing, but in this case, it could be worth your while.

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