Midsummer Night(mare)’s Dream


Spending really long days on set for the opening of Midusmmer Night’s Dream this Thursday the 20th of June. All the info is here. This is why there hasn’t been a review from anything the last few days, though I have seen “Eastern Promises” and read Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”, and you can expect some analysis on each of those soon enough. Until then…

Incredible sets means ample amounts of work to be done, lots of “s”s involved in such undertakings. And the set is turning out to be wondrous if a little untested. Three more nights – no problem!

In the process my mind has lost some of it’s processing capabilities. Twice tonight I would see someone and moments later see them again. At one point a particular person disappeared around a corner and down some stairs. I called after him, because the director wanted us back. I called again. Then he answered his name two people directly behind me. Later moving miscellaneous stuff into the theatre, I saw someone walk past me only to see the same person 20 feet ahead of me walk past again. Now in relationship to where I was walking there would have been no passage or doorways to get them around fast enough to confuse and beguile me, so the only other option is that I’m losing it completely or the Matrix was reset twice!

I did though in all of this have a depressing dream last night. Normally my dreams consist of either receiving something I’m desiring or crazy violent dreams that have no bearing in reality whatsoever. This time I got torqued by a woman just as I have the last several times in reality. Not sure it’s much of a dream world to escape to when it reflects exactly what’s happening in your real life. That’s what my writing is for…

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