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Midsummer Night(mare)’s Dream

September 17, 2007


Spending really long days on set for the opening of Midusmmer Night’s Dream this Thursday the 20th of June. All the info is here. This is why there hasn’t been a review from anything the last few days, though I have seen “Eastern Promises” and read Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”, and you can expect some analysis on each of those soon enough. Until then… (more…)

Castlevania: The Movie

September 14, 2007

castlevania box artAnd the onslaught of movies based on books, older movies and video games continue. All of the things that didn’t get me dates in High School seems to have caught on in popular culture, oh to be fifteen again! I always seem to be a bit ahead of the curve.


“Shoot ‘Em Up”

September 10, 2007

shoot em upBetween “Exiled” and the new action film “Shoot ’em Up” my weekend was a hyper realistic blood bath. But while in “Exiled” the characters stuck to guns for their killin’. The characters in “Shoot ’em Up” rely on everything from helicopter blades to oil slicks to, well, thousands and thousands of bullets! It was really quite a zany, sugar induced treat.

One thing I always wonder in a film like this, or even the old samurai films, which this bears comparisons to some of the better ones like “Kill!”, is that once the hero, played with grizzled mysterious samurai baditude by Clive Owen, has mowed down 50 henchmen, what is that next henchman to run into the room thinking? Does he honestly believe he has more of a chance of getting off a fatal wound than the last fifty, before being sent spiraling across the nearest hard surface in gooey chunks of red. Maybe that’s because no one could possibly believe that they would run across someone so amazingly efficient in the accidental way that they do. (more…)


September 10, 2007


After the disappointing no show of Johnnie To’s “Triad Election” in Los Angeles I was very worried that his (what others have called) companion piece to his hit “The Mission” was going to come as far as San Francisco and continue to live in NYC for the remainder of its theatrical life. Alas, To’s “Exiled” has arrived!

Johnnie To is one of the foremost Hong Kong directors of the now. He’s swings from one genre to the other leaving his quirky stamp on everything he does. From hardcore action with a message like “Breaking News” and hardcore action like “Fulltime Killer” to whimsical romantic comedies like “Needing You” and clever crime capers like “Running Out of Time” he bounces gleefully around like no American director can, and each of his films for me has been pleasurably (if not always perfectly) imbibed.


Past Midsummer Night’s Dream: Shakespeare’s a Liar!

September 7, 2007


It would truly be awesome if my life were like a Shakespearean comedy. Where no matter how terrible things got I ended up with the lover by time’s end. Who knows maybe my life is one prolonged comedy and the Gods are laughing from on high and it won’t be until just before my death that something finally goes right. Har, har! I’ve always been drawn more to Bill’s tragedies because of the many unfortunate events that have followed me in my romantic life or attempts at a romantic perhaps is more appropriate.

That’s why in deciding to be a part of my theatre company’s (Write Act Repertory) rendition of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” I really had nothing to cull from my past. Thankfully I was chosen not to play a Lover but to play Peter Quince the leader of the mechanicals, or the writer of the play within a play. So I’ve been saved from pretending that falling in love is an easy thing or a worthwhile thing.


Balls of Fury

September 5, 2007

balls of furyTaking a cue more from Stephen Ciao’s “Shaolin Soccer” than any of the comedy sports films of the last few years, all seemingly starring Wil Ferrell, “Balls of Fury” is a trifle but a silly delight none the less. And how could it not be silly as it delves into the underground world of ping-pong. It’s written by a couple of those guys from the hilarious “Reno 911” and directed and starring one and the other as well. Part of me wants to say you don’t really need to see it, but the other part had enough fun that thinks it wouldn’t not be bad if you did.

Here’s a list of things I enjoyed: