Rated-R Trailers

Regal Cinemas will begin showing Rated-R trailers in front of like-minded Rated-R movies.

Huge mistake in my opinion.

It’s always the promise of titalation or violence that sparks my interest into seeing something. There’s something about the “F-bomb” that’s almost funnier when it’s bleeped out. This is just another excuse for Companies to give away even more of their films before the movie actually comes out. And that’s always been a turn off for me, when a trailer gives away too much of what it’s got.

It will also destroy the “buzz” that surrounds finding a trailer broadband style. When I first saw the Rambo trailer on-line last year, it was like discovering a hidden treasure and it made me excited about seeing it. I didn’t even see the Pineapple Express teaser that was leaked on-line a month or so back, but I heard about it and that’s even better than seeing it. The film itself becomes a myth. It becomes something people have to see. Why make that experience commonplace? Will people stop coming when it becomes an every day kind of fair? I know it will make it all a little less special for me.

In the end, I guess it still comes down to how good the trailer is. Will studios do what they often do and take advantage of something until its meaningless or will they use this freedom wisely? Wisely might be a stretch.

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