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“Snow Angels”: The Cost of Order, the Beauty of Tragedy

April 2, 2008

Snow Angels

It’s not often that I walk away from a movie respecting every party involved more than I did walking in. I can’t pick out one thing about this movie that I wasn’t at least highly impressed with.

Snow Angels is the first David Gordon Green film I’ve seen and now I want to see the rest. He’s a filmmaker that doesn’t only understand the necessity of storytelling, but understands film technique to it’s core. I want to start with the story but to give away even a modicum of information would be to destroy the lushness of the characters and their lives in this film.


“The Spiderwick Chronicles”

April 2, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

If I was a child, say around the age of 13, I would have absolutely without hindrance loved every second of The Spiderwick Chronicles. Some reviews have labeled it as scary and frightening, but what it really is, is exhilarating. I recalled my first experience watching Gremlins at the movie theatre. It was 1984, I was 6. I was frightened but enthralled. Since then films of fantasy and adventure have blazed a trail into my memory banks, from The Never Ending Story to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This means that very little is surprising anymore in the ways of children’s fantasy, or any fantasy at all, and most of it isn’t very inspired.

The Spiderwick Chronicles doesn’t tread upon new water, but it does tread upon old water with wit, thrills and surprising emotional depth. And I realized about half way through if you put aside the fact that you’ve seen much of it before and view it as if it’s your first fantasy movie ever it’s a story that’s easily enjoyed and that ends up finding some magic all of it’s own. Cynics beware, there’s no room for you at this movie. (more…)