Summer Trailers and their Marketing Plans – No more surprises for Batman.

***Normally an image would be here, but so as not to spoil anything, I have refrained from showing too much.***

How else to do a raspberry in the title of an article without doing a smiley? Hate it. I’ll sue myself!

It was inevitable that no matter how long I kept my eyes closed during the trailers of the new Batman film I was going to see what the Joker looked like. 2 images spread across the internet like wild fire. Okay, fine. I can live with it.

But that’s it. Even though I’m beginning to feel left out, I continue to close my eyes. I want to retain that feeling when I was a kid, when every movie was a surprise. When they were smart enough not to throw a visual from every scene of a movie at the audience in a trailer.

They had the audience with the Batman marketing. The posters of the Joker hiding behind a fuzzy glass wall, writing the words “Why so serious?” was brilliant. And the buzz alone that was created, even before Heath Ledger’s untimely death. It – was – enough!

They had their opening audience. So why not leave it at that? Let me have my surprises?

But no.

Now a new series of posters has hit the streets one in which Batman is riding a new vehicle. It’s such a little thing, but imagine how cool this moment in the film would have been if it hadn’t been spoiled by a poster. An unmoving poster. A poster that neither captures the spirit of intensity of how a film would play out. Now when we hit that moment in the film, it might be exciting, but it won’t be surprising. And what, I now ask the studios, is so wrong with being surprised?

***As a side note, while I haven’t seen the new trailer (eyes closed) it was spoiler enough to hear the name of another character that will be making an appearance. SAVE SOME SURPRISES FOR THE MOVIE!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Thank you Warner Brothers…no really…thanks.

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