Role Models: Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

They know how to play innocent.

They know how to play innocent.

Okay, wow! I saw Role Models Friday (just after Quantum of Solace, yes a good night) and then a second time the very next day. And get this, I laughed equally as hard both times. Time Magazine recently made a case for comedies getting Oscars based on this movies…I agree.

Paul Rudd over the last 2 years has become one of my favorite actors to go see. There’s so much honesty in his face. He hides nothing from you. That’s where the center of this film lies, in Rudd’s honesty. He plays a man that doesn’t know how much he needs human connection, so he pushes it away. You can see his anger, and sadness and relate to it, and laugh at it.

Surrounding him are Sean William Scott as the best friend more than happy to ride the wave, and Elizabeth Banks as the girlfriend that, I’m sorry, you mess that one up, you don’t deserve anything…ever again. But that’s where Rudd’s character finally hits his wall. A high school spokesperson for an energy drink called Minotaur (Scott is the mascot), Rudd is at a dead end, and Banks breaks up with him. He flips out, and is sentenced to 140 hours of community service with a child buddy program called Sturdy Wings, which the hilarious Jane Lynch is head of.

Rudd and Scott become “bigs” to two “littles”; a black boy with the mouth of a sailor, and a scrawny, white LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying) geek. Both have issues, and Rudd and Scott aren’t the best of role models…hence the name. Do they eventually become that…do you have to ask? But it’s the journey that counts!

I laughed and laughed, there’s some dirty humor and cursing, but I laughed a lot and hard, and finally when the finale came and all the ends were tied, I felt good. Really damn good. Better than I’d felt in a long time. It’s not that the movie is uplifting, you just want the best for each of the characters. That’s how this movie grows on you. It’s a damn good ending, with a damn good middle and beginning. But the end will seriously surprise you, blow you away in fact!

This review is gibberish, because all I can say is go see it. You’ll enjoy it…once, twice, three times. It will only get better. I’m going to go again.

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