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The Oil Spill: BP and President Obama at war 111 years ago

July 14, 2010

Our commander-in-chief, President Obama's fault?

The shifting sands of people’s opinions have inspired me to take part of my day and type this up. Yesterday it was BP’s fault, today it’s President Obama’s/our government’s fault, tomorrow it will be the pelicans’ faults!  I’m not one to make big grandiose statements on current events, because the chances that history will prove me wrong, are to say the least, adequate.

So I will let someone else speak in my stead: (more…)

The Last Airbender: Bending a career

July 2, 2010

The movie isn't as cool as this picture.

Every time I see M. Knight Shyamalan’s name on a movie poster, hope wells up inside of me. Hope that I’ll see something that was as beautiful and human and brilliant as Unbreakable. There have been moments in his last few films. In The Village when he takes her hand and pulls her safely inside or when the knife slowly slides out of him only to be sunk in again and again like a warm spoon into ice cream. Lady in the Water has even fewer of these moments, and in turn has more of M. Knight on screen. In his newest film The Last Airbender you see him only briefly and he’s in full costume, but you know its him. Why? Because he’s worse than a horrible actor. He has anti screen presence. Even the brief moment he’s on screen it’s almost like a black hole is created. Hitchcock was smart and never gave himself lines.

(I’ve concluded that the more times you see Shyamalan’s name in the credits, the worse the film will be.) (more…)