Night And Day: the translation Scenes 1-3

Berlin International Film Festival Contender 2007

I was bored. I put in a Korean film that’s been sitting on my shelf. I buy movies from Chinatown on occasion just to keep some flavor and unpredictability in my life. I’m currently watching a film called “Night and Day”. It was apparently an entry into the Berlin International Film Festival. Good for it. My DVD does not do the film justice, but it is a piece of art unto itself. In the top right hand corner is a logo “CH CHG”. I will impart the story to you through simple prose of what I’m seeing,  with the help of the translated subtitles, so you can experience what I’m experiencing.

A few points as you continue. I am adding punctuation that does not appear in the subtitles and all the capitalization is done in the subtitles. There are times in which the character speaks in English and the subtitles continue to translate them in staggeringly different English.

Title card:
August is 8 days
The Hero stands outside an airport dragging from a cigarette. His hair is a mess…I wonder why.
A white guy comes up. His hair is also a mess. He holds up his cigarette: “Is it all right to give me a light….Please” He seems to spit out the final word.
The Hero nods and digs out a lighter. Flicks the lighter. The White Guy grabs his hand and forces the fire under his cig, “Very with gratitude,” he says with a strange smile.
The Hero smiles stupidly, nods and looks away.
The White Guy continues to stare, “You come from where” (“Where are you from” he actually says in English.)
The Hero says, “I come from Korea” (“I’m from Korea” he actually says in English)
The white guy laughs “Korea I know Korea”. (“Korea I know Korea” he actually says in English)
The Korean Hero laughs for no reason and say in response “Probably”.
The white guy contemplates and thoughtfully says, From the Korea come” (He actually says “From Korea” in English)
“Right” the Korean Hero says no longer smiling or laughing, but looking away.
The white guy responds “Really”
The Korean Hero replies with mock seriousness “Yes”
The white guy continues to stare at him, “You come to do what here”
“I just attend party” (He actually says “I just come to bitches parties”) (side note, it may not be bitches, the word was garbled, and the subtitles don’t help.) He pauses for a moment then continues “I am a painter” (He actually says in English “I am a painter yes”) (A side note, there was no reason for him to say yes.)
The white guy smiles and points at him “You are a painter” (he actually says in English “Painter”)
They laugh and smoke.
The white guys continues, “Really great sound good” (He actually says in English “Good ” and something else that’s indiscernible. Did I mention he’s white.)
The Korean Hero replies “Thank you.”
The white guy has yet to look away. “You come here” (In English he actually says “You here”, which makes less sense) Then becomes dreadfully serious “Be careful of a point.” (He says in English”Be careful”.) He takes one last drag of his cigarette and whispers ominously “Carefully point” (He actually says in English “Be careful”)
The white guy walks away. The Korean Hero follows him with his eyes. His expression betrays not a single thought.

A taxi drops our Korean Hero off outside his Hotel. He goes inside.

Title card:
August number 9
It’s the middle of the night, his hair is a mess as usual. After all he is a painter. He walks listlessly in his Hotel Room with his white pajamas on.
In voice over:
“The now’s circumstance have a little variety.
The many people all doesn’t know. In fact have no relation.”
He walks out onto his porch and lights a cigarette.
In voice over:
“I is really not understand. Why will I carry on the back so. Unfair.”
He expression doesn’t betray a single thought.

Early next morning he walks out the front door of his building a blue sweater over his pajamas. His hair is a mess as usual. After all he is a painter.
He looks right, up the street. He looks left, down the street.
His expression betrays not a single thought.
In voice over:
“I now don’t have way. Can think another way.”
He looks into the sky. Brings his eyes down to eye level again.
His emotions betrayed, he smirks without cause and goes back inside.

August is 11 days

He’s out during the day, crosses using a cross walk. He carries an orange plastic bag with something inside it.
In voice over:
“They if this continues BE not a way either. (The subtitles capitalized BE – I did not.)”
He walks into a corner market and speaks to the person behind the register.
“Take a box of smoke to me” he tells the cashier
“BE this kind of” the cashier maybe asks
“5 franc” she says in return and hands him the pack of cigarettes.
In voice over as he digs for his money:
“I have no reaction to come over. Is really a failure”
“You take”, she says when he hands the money over.
A man and woman couple walk in behind him and she gasps in befuddlement, “Also the nothing important buy” comes out of her mouth, “See bottom again”
The woman hands him the money, “See you Thanks”
The cashier and couple exchange “How do you do” “How do you do”

He steps back outside the corner market lights his cigarette and puffs on it, looking around. His face betrays not a single thought. With nothing yet to do in the movie but smoke and speak in inanities, he takes a deep breath and lets it out. The couple come out behind him. The young woman glances at him as she passes, almost as if she was directed to.
He looks away from his cigarette at the young woman walking away, almost as if he was directed to. The young man lights her cigarette.
In voice over:
“They seem to all learn from bad habit”
An obnoxious and earnest zoom in brings them closer to us again as if the director wanted to make sure we still knew they were walking away from the camera.
In voice over:
“You see us all don’t say “hello””. Each other wipe a shoulder but lead”
He walks back across the cross walk. The wind blows the leaves

“August is 12 days” coming soon

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  1. Josh Says:

    That is excellent.

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