A Movie in Prose. “Night and Day”, Based on the Korean translation: August is 12 days Scenes 4-5

Here is the name of station and link to the website of the logo that lingers in the top right hand corner of the movie while I watch it: CH CVG.

If you’re just stumbling across this. It is scenes 4 and 5 of my putting into prose the entire Korean film “Night and Day” using the Engrish translation provided on the DVD I purchased in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Please check out Chapters 1-3 to get yourself up to speed.

August is 12 days…think about it…

Title Card: August is 12 days

Scene 4

It is day time.

Inside a random room, where two random women type at computers. One on a couch. One at a desk. Clothing is scattered on the right side of the room near the doorway leading to an unseen void of light. Furniture lines the walls of the small room as if the room itself had no practical purpose but to have furniture that lines the walls. The top of a dining room chair can be seen in the foreground, facing a table that probably doesn’t exist, and that would make no sense in a room like this. Two blue paintings sit on the walls above the ugly furniture. There isn’t a lot to be said about them other than they are blue and match nothing else in this scene.

The Korean Hero, sans shoes and appropriate clothing, after all he is a painter, stands from a couch and speaks to someone from the room that is a void of light, “I can’ted wait for.”

A male voice responds, “Your preparation bottom.”

“Good”, the Korean Hero smiles and nods.

“You came for a long time.” The voice asks or says; it’s hard to tell.

The Korean Hero wanting to make sure he is understood answers or simply responds, “I just just arrived.” He looks up towards the corner of the ceiling and just off camera at who knows what as the man with the voice enters from the void of light wearing a hideous purple outfit, “Quite good here.”

It’s so hideous the two shades of purple, one on his shirt and one on his pants, clash.

“So. Which have.” One of them stammers out, though it’s hard to tell who.

The Man in the Hideous Purple Outfit from the Void of Light looks back into the void of light and maybe responds to the Korean Man’s supposed compliment, “You literally see.”

“Not bad,” The Korean Hero man says, again looking to the top corner of the room, which is nowhere near where the Man in the Hideous Purple Outfit from the Void of Light looked.

The Korean Hero scratches his inner thigh.

They look at one another again and bow. The Man in the Hideous Purple Outfit from the Void of Light casually offers a thoughtful sentiment as he bows, “I saw calculate.”

“All right,” the Korean Hero says as he returns the bow and watches the Man in the Hideous Purple Outfit from the Void of Light walk into the part of the room opposite the top of the dining room chair.

The Korean Hero sits down, staring at the top corner of the room.

The camera zooms in, as the woman closest to him on the perpendicular couch turns her attention to him, “You really don’t go out.” She clearly states with a smile, knowing that she’s had the best line so far in the movie.

The Korean Hero regards her for a brief moment, scratches his left shoulder (one would think he has flees) and responds, “I am just think a way. This bottom didn’t who help,” he leans forward anxious to get his thoughts out, “This I know.”

She looks back at her laptop disappointed, “You need not disappointed.”

“I cared,” he responds seriously. “You trust. Know.”

She smiles very pleased with his words, “That good.” She laughs.

He nods, “All right,” and picks up a random book from the night stand in the corner of the room that stands awkwardly higher than either of the couches they sit on. He opens it up to a random page, sighs, as a Man in Blue Exercise pants, as if this was all we needed to know about the character, and a t-shirt bounds in and sits next to him. From where he bounds no one knows, but it was near where the dining room chair used to peek into the room.

The Man in the Blue Exercise Pants sits next to the Korean Hero, where we can now see the corner of a pair of glasses on him, though he never turns so we can see his face and says, “You didn’t yet work.”

The Korean Hero sits forward with a tired expression, his hair an absolute mess, and replies with the only reasonable response, “You how can anyone know of.”

“I ain’t to do understand you,” The Man in the Blue Exercise Pants says.

Maybe taking offense, though his face doesn’t betray his emotions, “A lot of affair you be not understand,” the Korean Hero turns awkwardly to the awkwardly high nightstand. With his fingers saving the page of the book he waves it at nothing in particular, “Rightness you read this book. I looking at to like very much. Not bad.”

The Korean Hero finally getting through to him, the Man in the Blue Exercise Pants, who has faced away from camera this entire time, laughs, “Rightness,” he continues, still facing completely away from camera, “You in fact need not so. Can go out to seek bottom.”

The Korean Hero nods, probably agreeing though his face… “Rightness of say.”

They smile at nothing, though it’s hard to say if they both do as the Man in the Blue Exercise Pants never turns so we can see him. The Korean Hero looks back at the page of the book, and yet as if he were looking at nothing.

But something occurs to the Man in the Blue Exercise Pants, though we can’t tell how he feels, as he’s still turned away from us, “But do you have experience. This very importance. You should be very clear.”

Almost having made sense, the woman looks back up from her laptop again and agrees, “Really.”

The Man in the Blue Exercise Pants responds without missing a beat, “Rightness. I think you should be able to competence.”

The Korean Hero’s head turns back and forth with a dopey expression on his face. He nods, “I also think so,” though you couldn’t tell that anything has ever made sense to him.

Blue Exercise Pants Man motions to the woman, “How do you see.”

Taking it as a question, the woman scrunches her nose and replies with a modicum of sense, “This I not announce an opinion.”

The Korean Hero nods, “Understanding.”

He looks back at his book.

Scene 5

A short time later.

The Korean Hero sits outside with sandals on, squatting, a cigarette burning between his fingers. We now see that the Void of Light from before was actually outside, but it remains to be seen what anyone was looking at that was outside.

A voice coming from nowhere, “You mix so. I the true difficult Ci its Jiu.” The Man in the Hideous Purple Outfit from the Void of Light steps into the doorway from the previous room. Neither of the women can be seen through the window, and the Man in the Blue Exercise Pants has served his purpose which remains to be seen. “I can’t also help you at this time,” the Purple Man says, perhaps continuing as the voice coming from nowhere.

The Korean Hero stands and gives a slight bow and obviously confused at the Purple Man’s use of the word can’t, “You need not so early promise me,” he reaches into his shirt pocket, a shirt he didn’t previously have on, “Want to take out a smoke.”

The Purple Man steps outside, “All right. BE.”

The Korean Hero pulls out a cigarette and shares one with the Purple Man. He puts the cigarettes back in his shirt pocket.

The Purple Man takes a drag, “You do what.”

“It’s a long story to tell. In fact I am a painter,” he manages to tell in the span of one sentence.”I is Mu since then of,” he feels the need to continue so that his first statement remains relevant.

The Purple Man looks reminiscently into the sky and forgetting he’s in the present, “At the beginning I am similar to you,” then realizing he is no longer in the past continues, “However here not mix. Everything want to be from the first.”

The Korean Hero laughs and looks at his cigarette, “This I understand.” He continues to laugh knowing that he is the only one lucky enough to decipher the Purple Man’s words of wisdom.

They both drag on their cigarette.

“In fact I very the pleasure help you,” the Purple Man decides, but deciding he might back down continues, “However don’t worry. You will find out good work of.”

“BE.” The Korean Hero responds with importance, “That I wanted to thank you. Must thank you.”
The Purple Man looks away, laughing shyly, even though he’s in no way helped. The Korean Hero continues, “So still please you much and much a pass to shine on.”

“Certain of,” the Purple Man concedes, gratefully.

The Korean Hero takes his hand, shakes it and bows, “”Thanks.”

“Anyway you have what matter,” the Purple Man continues after the moment has passed, dragging the scene well beyond anyone’s level of patience or tolerance, “Can seek me.” He sniffs and with great importance proclaims, “I would never stand by with folded arms…I am serious. You should believe me.”

“Rightness,” The Korean Hero replies, believing every word. Though his expression betrays not a feeling one way or the other.

“Not only such,” the Man in Purple prattles on with only a vague conception of which direction he’s going, “You have to have a target. Don’t muddle through time here,” The Korean Hero follows the Purple Man’s cigarette hand as he shifts it through the air to represent the space known as here.

“With gratitude you of teach,” the Korean Hero says with reverence.

The Purple Man continues to indulge in his own voice and series of clichés and trite generalizations, “I am to freely say oneself to only think,” he laughs at himself as he continues, “Need not be too really.”

“BE.” The Korean Hero nods and says with great understanding and sadness at the state of everything and nothing.

They stand in brief silence, then deciding to not take notice of the Korean Hero’s change in mood the Purple Man quips one last bon mot, “We come to comity once.”

The Korean Hero bows and shakes the Purple Man’s hand, and with the sincerest of gratitude says, “Good.” But the Purple Man doesn’t simply shake the Korean Hero’s hand, but continues on with a series of awkward gangster inspired hand shakes, ending with a fist bump and snap of his finger directed at the Korean Hero.

The Korean Hero who perhaps has lived in a box his whole life, watches amazed at the incredibly slow shifting of the Purple Man’s hand, as if he were speaking a language that didn’t exist. Then laughs at how incredible this new city experience was for him. Which city, no one is yet sure of.

The Purple Man laughs at his own silliness, “Interesting.”

And even though they’ve said goodbye and have nothing else to speak of, the Korean Hero looks into the sky away from the house and says, “I see this house not bad.”

The Purple Man thoughtfully puffs on his cigarette, “I think you and should work well preparation.” The Korean Hero looks suddenly at the Purple Man with amazement, as the Purple Man continues, “The words that you want get quickly. Rob a hand very much.

The Korean Hero looks into the sky away from the house again, “BE.”

Then as if to get their point of views we see into the sky, where the top corner of a shoddy and derelict apartment complex blocks our view of a grey, flat sky, which a skinny lifeless tree protruding into most of the shot covers the rest of. And due to the run down look of everything or the fact that there is no focal point in the image, we still can’t tell exactly what they were looking at in amazement. But the shot lingers as if to suggest it were important in some way.

Come again soon for “August is 13 days”

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