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A Movie in Prose. “Night and Day”, Based on the Korean translation: August is 12 days Scenes 4-5

September 22, 2010

Here is the name of station and link to the website of the logo that lingers in the top right hand corner of the movie while I watch it: CH CVG.

If you’re just stumbling across this. It is scenes 4 and 5 of my putting into prose the entire Korean film “Night and Day” using the Engrish translation provided on the DVD I purchased in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Please check out Chapters 1-3 to get yourself up to speed.

August is 12 days…think about it… (more…)

Night And Day: the translation Scenes 1-3

September 8, 2010

Berlin International Film Festival Contender 2007

I was bored. I put in a Korean film that’s been sitting on my shelf. I buy movies from Chinatown on occasion just to keep some flavor and unpredictability in my life. I’m currently watching a film called “Night and Day”. It was apparently an entry into the Berlin International Film Festival. Good for it. My DVD does not do the film justice, but it is a piece of art unto itself. In the top right hand corner is a logo “CH CHG”. I will impart the story to you through simple prose of what I’m seeing,  with the help of the translated subtitles, so you can experience what I’m experiencing.

A few points as you continue. I am adding punctuation that does not appear in the subtitles and all the capitalization is done in the subtitles. There are times in which the character speaks in English and the subtitles continue to translate them in staggeringly different English. (more…)

NEWS FLASH; Sean Penn Cracks Joke!

August 18, 2007

sean penn pouts

Not only was it a joke, but it was almost self-deprecating. In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly next to a blurb about his forthcoming movie “Into the Wild” Penn was interviewed, and asked a question I’d wondered myself:

EW: You’ve never acted in the films you’ve directed. Why is that?

Penn: I never made the candy I ate, either. If I have a choice of eating it, or making it, [laughs] I’m going to eat it. I mean, I’ve done pretty much every job there is to do on movies. The actor’s job’s the toughest, but the director’s job is the most rewarding.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that funny. But he did laugh!

I like Mr. Penn. so I’ll give him a piece of advice, next time you use this line say, “I never eat the candy I make either.” That makes more sense and is funny.

I do look forward to this film though. I’ve really liked his movies.

Ingmar Bergman’s, um, Burgman’s Greatest film as performed by SCTV

July 26, 2007

Kids, if you don’t get it, you should…

SCTV was the best.

Bergman must have known after being spoofed by these fine comedians that he finally made it! No better troop to satirize him.

The Retarding of Like Words or Something

June 15, 2007

sheep at griffithI’m a fairly young individual so I haven’t been around to really experience tremendous shifts in our culture. Sure there was 9/11, but nothing really changed. I suppose I was around for the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of communism, oh, and the end of the cold war. But none of that really affected me or the reality of my world. Did I really think it was all going to end with the press of a button. At that age I was a bit more optimistic; I probably assumed the Transformers would step in to save the day. I missed the really big ones like Vietnam and the nuclear holocaust when our music and films were shaken by the political times. I don’t think I’ve seen a culture more affected in their art by the devastating effect that the nuclear holocaust had on Hiroshima and then Nagasaki. All that aside I consider myself an observant young individual, taking note of the smaller things, like shifts in style and taste of music, film genres and fashion. Sitting here I imagine a time in which the blue period was the talk of the town and critics alike. Romantic comedies were big a year ago, the blue period was big two centuries ago. That shift is not a cyclical one, that’s a cultural upheaval. That’s not a fad, that’s a phenomenon. But this awareness also extends to the way people represent themselves through speech.