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Through a Caffeine Haze: Live Art as Consumption

October 8, 2008

I’ve started writing a blog or two on the website for the theatre company I’m Artistic Director of, Theatre Unleashed. The link is here, but I’ll be posting them here as well.

Friday, September 26, 2008…

Anifty graphic for a show that's no longer...

A nifty graphic for a show that's no longer...

There’s an excitement that builds when a film is coming out that you really want to see. Weeks in advance you find yourself not being able to wait for that opening night. Personally I avoid trailers, especially tv advertisements as crucial plot points and action scenes are thrown at you before you realize what’s happening. I want to experience those films the way a director or writer wanted me to, for the first time. But when you see the film, unless it was a masterpiece, the excitement goes away – the experience is ultimately fleeting. You may talk about it for a day or two, but suddenly the next big film is on your radar and you’ve forgotten the name of the movie you just saw as as you try to tell your friend how great it was.


Fist Fights over “The Tempest” or Keeping Shakespeare Relevant

October 8, 2008

I’ve started writing a blog or two on the website for the theatre company I’m Artistic Director of, Theatre Unleashed. The link is here, but I’ll be posting them here as well.

Monday September 29th…

An amazing graphic for a show that's gone.

An amazing graphic for a show that's gone.

Two main stage shows down, another opening in three weeks.

Strike was down and dirty and done in two hours leaving everyone pretty much exhausted. Though elated over such a great run.

I didn’t want to keep anything. You see these theatre companies with rooms and rooms full of things that they’ll never use again and at some point it was all in the decision to keep that one thing.


We had our first group of students fill half the house last night…had to add extra seats to accommodate other patrons. A Q&A followed, I watched from the side as a minor debate brought on by a smart student ensued concerning a line that in some versions belongs to Prospero and others to Miranda. Miranda is speaking to Caliban in this instance and telling Caliban that she taught him how to speak, in other instances its Prospero (some scholar decided the first way was wrong and changed it.) While it will probably never be known precisely as to who Shakespeare intended this line to go to, it brings up an interesting argument, one that ranges from Biblical scripture translations to the Bard himself. Do you look at something and find the literal (logical?) context for it, or do you make an artistic decision that goes against the grain of logic and literalness.


Hamlet 2: The Christ of Art

September 11, 2008
What art is made of.

What would you do for your art?

Dana Marschz is pronounced Marsch-z (the “z” an additional emphasis beyond the “sch”) and is one of a number of things that makes the main character of Hamlet 2 that much more awkward and potentially tragic. As he even whines, “My life is a parody of a tragedy”. In fact the position Dana finds himself in is a pretty common tale for those that come to Los Angeles looking to become an actor. Their pride is stripped from them completely and they become emotionally erratic and completely insecure individuals…sometimes they never regain that composure because they don’t know how to refocus their creative and scarred sides into something healthy.

And so we follow Dana on his personal odyssey as he seeks to regain his inner strength and voice by creating an original work for a group of high school students. And quite an odyssey it is. Pam Brady (a South Park writer alum and Team America: World Police scribe) along with Andrew Fleming (the director of a nice little gem Dick and other lesser films) have created a concoction and character that’s so awkward that it’s hilarious, but then it stops being funny and becomes so very, incredibly awkward that it becomes honest. It’s like staring at a freshly opened wound.


“From Across the Room”: Awesome song!

August 21, 2008

The Company Logo...and top of website...
The Company Logo…As Artistic Director, this is what I try to do.

Being Artistic Director of a Theatre Company gives me the opportunity to facilitate creativity in several fashions that I never expected to be able to do.

Earlier this year I co-produced, co-directed, co-wrote and co-MC’ed a variety show. It was the first fundraiser and live show Theatre Unleashed did as a company. It was a fantastic time and every seat in the house was filled. One of the biggest hits was the absolutely hilarious and somewhat unnerving song: “From Across the Room”.

Written by our very own Andrew Moore. Last Saturday I sat down in a  neighbor’s studio apartment and listened (I as producer) as he recorded that song. And here it is. An absolutely hilarious song, that’s worth the .99 cents. All proceeds go to our non-profit theatre company. Please enjoy!

And come see one of our upcoming shows The Tempest or Through a Caffeine Haze. Info is at our website.

Unfortunately since it doesn’t seem I can post a snowcap player here on wordpress, here’s the link to the song itself…enjoy! It’s worth the .99cents.

From Across the Room

Everybody’s Marketing! Film and Theatre.

June 13, 2008

Not only does being Artistic Director of a theatre company (Theatre Unleashed) keep me too busy to make any money, but you couple that along with acting in the shows, writing original material for the shows, producing the shows, being at every meeting and on every committee…well, you start to see where my 40 hours a week goes.

But it’s all for a great cause (my need to be an artist), and I’m learning too much. More than I ever wanted to. I jest, it’s a good thing.

But all of the chores that pertain to the skill sets above, the one I didn’t mention, and the one that challenges me in ways that I enjoy is being the Viral Marketer on the Marketing Committee. As much as I love live theatre, I do love film, and this gives me the opportunity to combine both of my passions. Basically I’m shooting short films to help promote the stage shows.

But they aren’t just short films. The trailers are dictated by the tone of the shows. They have to get people curious enough to pay 20 bucks and sit in a seat for two hours…a few more dollars than a movie with explosions and stars. You have to excite them about the live experience.

Here’s a trailer I put together for our currently running show (check out the website for details and come see it! I’ll have a few other trailers below.


At Your Local Movie Theatre?…Noooo! Live Theatre!!! Theatre Unleashed!!!

June 8, 2008

What We Should Have Said

For those of you wondering why…oh dear God why hasn’t Phil been writing about all of his favorite movies like Kung-Fu Panda (which I promise I will this week) or writing his second reaction to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or even making it to the theatre to see such high class fare like Sex and the City *cough*. And why I haven’t written about my being Artistic Director of a theatre company in Los Angeles called Theatre Unleashed! Well, the explanation is below. If you’re in Los Angeles, swing by and give it a gander.