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September 13, 2010

How could you not think this was an animated film?

Not long ago outside the Laemmle 5 Theatre on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, I remember seeing an intriguing poster. It had figures with foreboding, glowing eyes across the top, and a man in a ragged cloak leaning over to a child. The title was simple, Ink. It seemed like the kind of film a lover of “Akira”, “Dark City” or “Bladerunner” would enjoy. It also looked like an animated film, which I love. So it stuck.


Twin Peaks: A Reaction

August 17, 2010

I've been here.

I’m hyperventilating right now, my finger and toes are literally tingling. I was weeping on the floor of my bathroom a few minutes ago, my cat freaking out because I was, listening to the voice of my friend and making no sense to her. See, I had to text my friend Chase, who I thought  might understand, and after a few bewildering texts she called my to see if I was okay. My voice was shaking. My voice trembling. I cried when I talked about the final moment of Twin Peaks, I couldn’t finish my sentence, it was overwhelming, I’m crying now. Tears streaking down my face. I can’t begin to describe my feeling or my state of being other than that I’m not here right now. I’m somewhere in my subconscious; so forgive me if this is all very stream of conscious. (more…)

“Treme”: Won’t bow.

April 12, 2010


And out of the darkest night golden plumes dance down the street towards the camera; like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes and mud and destruction of New Orleans. “Won’t bow! Don’t know how!” this man, this Chief proclaims. And chills ran down my spine.

Already Treme, the new HBO series created by Producer and Writer David Simon (the creator of one of the greatest television series of all time, The Wire) and Eric Overmeyer (who’s worked with Simon on The Wire, and Homicide — a show which I will now have to watch), has distinguished itself from every other show on television, ever. Characters’ dialogue already feels like they’ve been around for 5 seasons. Imagery that will already be considered iconic. (more…)

“Green Zone”: Uninspired Passion

April 12, 2010
It’s tough to look this good while spouting exposition.

The scariest piece of intel I got out of the new pseudo political actioneer Green Zone, directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Matt Damon, the team that brought you the last two Bourne films, is how the Government and the CIA really don’t get along. If what they dramatize in the movie is even remotely true, we’re screwed. This isn’t a simple jurisdictional problem. These organizations and the decisions they make force change on cultures.

About a half hour of the movie deals with these issues, but you see, this is secondary. What the Green Zone wants to do is give a fictional time out to the people who sent us over to Iraq in the first place and to give us an outlet for our rage over the falsifications of the WMDs that led to war. Our everyman is a disgruntled soldier named Miller (Damon) who decides to help out the CIA to find out what’s really going on as every WMD site they show up at…has no WMDs…bum bum buuuuum! (more…)

The Ghost Writer

March 31, 2010

Even he thinks it's a bit of a stretch.

Ghost writers are rarely thanked for their work and quickly forgotten. I have a friend that does this as a profession. They do the work, their job, and disappear to work on the next project. Shifting from one patient to the next, like Doctors, uninvolved emotionally; they are out for themselves, which is not a bad thing. Such is the case of the character played by Ewan McGregor (who does a really fine job here), who is simply referred to as The Ghost on, in Roman Polanski’s newest bit of cinematic story trickery The Ghost Writer. In fact, at one point when our hero is asked which side he’s on, he simply says his own.


(500) Days of Summer; or Did Someone Copy and Paste Their Personal Journal?

September 20, 2009
Of course they sell the movie with "happy".

Of course they sell the movie with "happy".

(500) Days of Summer is not the movie to take someone to if you have just started dating them. This is not, as the voice over claims in the first few minutes of the film, a romantic comedy, i.e. a film in which the couple ends up happily ever after. It’s fun, funny, in fact it’s a pure joy to watch. It so eloquently captures the ups and downs of a relationship that isn’t meant to be that it draws out of you every doubt in your mind that you could possibly have with the person sitting next to you. And gives you hope in the potential…for the next one…alas not the one you’re with. Ouch.

Now, if you’re pretty confident in your relationship, or have just gotten out of one, you should then, without a doubt, see this film.