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Towelhead: Innocence Distorted

September 17, 2008
Racism comes a'knockin'.

Racism comes a knockin'!

There are so many places I wish to begin with this review, which as I write it becomes much more involved – more of an essay. So to keep my thoughts somewhat cohesive, I’ll just start over again whenever I feel like it…as a forethought, you may want to see the movie before reading this. It goes into details about themes and characters that may reveal plot elements. This is a movie to experience first if it’s something you want to see at all.

Alan Ball likes things that provoke (before they evoke – though surprisingly the film draws very genuine emotions out of the viewer by the end), or situations that perchance titillate in an uncomfortable way, but that’s a thought I’ll come back to. His new film, which is also his directorial debut, Towelhead examines the unfortunate sexual awakening due to racism of a 13-year-old Arab American girl, Jasira (Summer Bishil), as she finds herself suddenly thrust into the heartland of Texas.