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“Wanted”: What have you done this week?

July 17, 2008
Fates trail of destruction.

Fates trail of destruction.

In any comic book super hero movie, and Wanted is a type of comic book super hero movie, there has to be that one moment in which your understanding of the main character, here Wesley Gibson played by James McAvoy, suddenly becomes a deeper understanding of yourself. This movie or comic book isn’t just about Peter Parker, or Bruce Wayne, or Bruce Banner, or Neo – it’s about me…it’s about the audience member sitting next to me.

There comes a point in Wanted where I had that moment. When Wesley has met the fist end of Angelina Jolie’s, here the beautiful Fox’s, arm a few too many times, and his face is dripping blood and he can hardly breath much less speak, he finally has the courage to utter the honest words to her question “Why did you come here?”. A moment that sent chills up my spine. A moment that for Wesley, who has been beaten down by every aspect of his life and can’t fight anymore, decides to open up and be vulnerable. It is also the answer any cult waits for so they can pounce.




November 25, 2007


In the trailer for Hitman they never show Timothy Olyphant’s face, only because once you do he looks nothing like his popular video game counterpart. Olyphant, as Agent 47, does what he can with the role, but his face is so smooth and glossed over it’s difficult for me to buy him as one of the baddest hitmen around. He looks more like a boyscout trying to tie a knot, or a puppy dog who gets angry when you take away his food. He’s not bad as Agent 47 by any means, there just isn’t a believable killer in his eyes, only a movie actor intensely holding a gun.