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“The Cabin”: One Step Closer…

January 19, 2008

The Cabin

No, The Cabin isn’t a movie you can see at your local multiplex…yet. It’s a script, one you’ve probably never even heard of, even though you’re reading the screenwriter’s words right now. There is currently a small group of people that have had the pleasure of it being performed in a reading for them.

How long has it been? I could look to be certain but the first draft of this first screenplay I truly started in 2000, not counting the Punisher screenplay I wrote in High School or my first failed fantasy script in College which I still intend to rework. The Cabin came to me after a series of bad dreams. Leaving an image in my mind of a woman watching me from my closet that kept me awake at night for several months finally forcing my hand to the page. That and this idea that someone who thought they were a Father, never was. Somehow the two ideas married each other nicely. (more…)