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How to Train Your Dragon

March 31, 2010

Rousing. Like ET in some ways.

I rose from my seat, slow, deliberate. I moved outside, my head in a fog and can hardly remember my walk from the theatre to the train station, except for seeing a billboard high above the Hollywood city streets with a young man riding atop a dragon as they burst through a circle of fire with the title scrawled above it How to Train Your Dragon.

It’s true. I have an affinity for fantasy, but a very grounded fantasy. Rules have to exist as do emotions. Simply because you carry a sword and wear a loin cloth doesn’t mean I’m automatically going to love you. In fact, I love fantasy so much, it has to work even harder to impress me. I feel that I can continue now with this review with absolute sincerity.


Avatar: The Journey

December 24, 2009

The beginning of the Journey

I will be talking about plot in this post more than in my last. So if you want the initial reaction to the film, which hasn’t changed (only become stronger), go to my previous post.


For Avatar, James Cameron has plugged his leading soldier Jake Sully, a good hero’s name without being brazen, directly into the Hero’s Journey. Like a chord into an outlet its the energy that makes this bulb glow.



December 24, 2009


In three hours James Cameron has restored what the last five years have taken away from my childhood. I’m not even sure where to begin. In fact, I’ve started and stopped this review several times.

There’s nothing clever about the story Cameron tells. He’s not hiding behind plot devices. He’s not even hiding behind the special effects. His story is simple, straight forward. It’s a story you’ve heard a million times, but guess what, so is every story. Who cares.  So all I can do is be as honest as he was…even down to the stock romantic song that starts the credits at the end of the film. This story is James Cameron.

This review is me.