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“Away From Her”, Finds Room to Breathe

January 24, 2008

away from her

The first thing I can firmly say after seeing the film Away from Her is that I’m in love with Sarah Polley, the writer and director. In a year filled with big movies by big directors and actors to see a tender and intoxicating film like this slide into the saddle of awards season is a breath of fresh air.

Tender because of the two warm and quiet performances at the middle of this sobering story and intoxicating because you cling to every word that’s spoken and hang onto every moment shown because each of those moments and words are that important to the characters.

The ravishing Julie Christie plays Fiona, a woman to young to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. And the opinion that I walked away from this film with is that any age is too young for this debilitating disease. Gordon Pinsent plays the husband Grant Anderson whose been left behind, if not in presence then in memory and thought. The moment he realizes that memory is no longer a part of the equation is heartbreaking.