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“Mongol: The Untold Story of Genghis Khan”

July 28, 2008
The warrior before the warrior.

The warrior before the warrior.

In the modern day and age of “diaries” and “confessions” the title Mongol: The Untold Story of Genghis Khan makes me giggle. It’s almost like it should be a cover story for People Weekly. “Let’s take a look behind the scenes at what made Genghis Khan the brilliant war tactician and brutal murderer we know him as today.” Instead the film has a deep sense of reverance for it’s lead character. In fact, as far as the movie is concerned, it was love and a deep sense of honor to the handful of people who he felt closest to that drove him to become the legend we know and love today.

Though the title implies that we’re going to get a good, honest, no-holds-barred look at the man behind the myth, known through his life as Temudjin, there’s no doubt in my mind that most of this story is bunk. Elements may remain truthful, but with so much time having passed since that era it would be difficult not to embellish and fictionalize and even create a much grander mythology to go toe-to-toe with the others in existence. And from what I hear this is the first of a trilogy, so they have to find ways to draw it out a little.