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“Blindness”: or a case of the Blind leading the Trusting

October 12, 2008
You have no idea how much this picture makes me giggle.

You have no idea how much this picture makes me giggle.

When an actor signs themselves over to a director like Fernando Meirelles, who made the exquisite City of God and the far less interesting The Constant Gardener, they are giving their trust to this director’s vision. Hoping that in the end there will be meaning in the images and breadth given to the performances. The actor, while having the whole arch of their character in mind, has to focus down on each and every moment and trust the director to put those moments together as a whole. Unfortunately Meirelles’s take on the award winning book Blindness, is simply ridiculous.

I would call it a melodrama, but it isn’t, it’s more like a Soap Opera, as situations become dramatic for the sake of being dramatic. A virus that leaves its victims blind, seeing a washed out white landscape instead of darkness, randomly infects a Japanese business man, and quickly spreads to the people he comes in contact with. Mark Ruffalo, simply called the Doctor treats the Japanese business man, and just can’t put his finger on the cause of the the sudden blindness. Maybe it’s psychological he pontificates to his wife, Julianne Moore, simply called the Doctor’s Wife. Like The Happening earlier this year, there’s no reason given for the sudden attack on humanity, which would be fine if the film’s messages and themes weren’t overtly obvious at some points and so convoluted at other points, and if the film was a bit more intelligent with it’s representation of what happens to blind people.