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“Hellboy II: The Golden Army”

July 22, 2008
Hey, we could really use Harry Hamlin right about now!

Hey, we could really use Harry Hamlin right about now!

There’s a sadness at the center of Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army. A sadness that lends a poignancy to the humor and action that was sorely missing in the first Hellboy film, which after being a huge fan of Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone and Blade II, I was very much looking forward to, and never really ended up liking. Hellboy II lives up to that promise.

Del Toro, like fellow comic book director Christopher Nolan, is a master of plotting and pacing. So even when Hellboy II makes some jumps in story logistics you’re carried along without feeling the bump in the road. It begins as Pan’s Labyrinth did, with a bedtime story about an evil army of Golden soldiers, so from there you know it gives itself permission to go anywhere.



February 16, 2008


The studios have given Doug Liman another franchise to get started off on the right foot. After The Bourne Identity why wouldn’t you? It’s unfortunate that Jumper has a hard time getting up the energy or nerve to even begin lift off. The first strange thing you see is that this comic book movie was based on a book and not a comic book.

It doesn’t begin badly, following a young David Rice as he attempts to woo his childhood sweetheart Millie (any character without a last name you know isn’t going to be developed well) and ends up falling into an icy lake. It’s a frightening moment. The only one in the film, and the only one that we care about what happens to our hero. Luckily this is when he discovers his special powers. Teleportation. What a cool power. He runs away from a horrible home, run by a horrible father (the always wonderful Michael Rooker) and traipses around the world, pulling off the cleverest of bank heists, ones in which he doesn’t have to open the doors to the vaults.