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Twin Peaks: A Reaction

August 17, 2010

I've been here.

I’m hyperventilating right now, my finger and toes are literally tingling. I was weeping on the floor of my bathroom a few minutes ago, my cat freaking out because I was, listening to the voice of my friend and making no sense to her. See, I had to text my friend Chase, who I thought  might understand, and after a few bewildering texts she called my to see if I was okay. My voice was shaking. My voice trembling. I cried when I talked about the final moment of Twin Peaks, I couldn’t finish my sentence, it was overwhelming, I’m crying now. Tears streaking down my face. I can’t begin to describe my feeling or my state of being other than that I’m not here right now. I’m somewhere in my subconscious; so forgive me if this is all very stream of conscious. (more…)