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“Speed Racer”: Ready, set, move around…fast!

May 25, 2008

Speed Racer

Everything moves in The Wachowski Brother’s adaptation of Speed Racer, everything, except for sometimes the camera. Tony Scott likes to make “talking head” scenes interesting by having the camera roll back and forth in front of the actors. I laughed out loud when in Man on Fire the camera dollies left and right while Denzel and Walken are grilling burgers. It was the most action packed cook-out ever.

Well, the Brothers say no to camera movement and instead take those “talking heads” and float them in front of the camera, left-to-right, sometimes right-to-left. Sometimes after the head floats by the people are talking in the background just behind it. It’s an effect that at times is invigorating and other times simply annoying. You don’t know where one character is at in relationship to just about anything around him. Everything in the movie seems to inhabit a fourth dimension. (more…)

“Into the Wild”, the final beautiful journey

September 27, 2007

into the wild

As the movie began, three or four images in, the person behind me whispered to his friend, “I hate it already”. I threw the most annoyed glance behind me that I’ve thrown to anyone I can remember. Certainly Sean Penn comes off a bit self-important at times, but he ‘s smart enough to know when to step back and stay behind the camera. And that self-important seriousness is perfectly fitting in this film, a film about a young wanderer who when fed up with society treks to Alaska to live off the wild.