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“Lars and the Real Girl”

November 25, 2007

Lars and the Real Girl

What I thought might be a one trick pony turned out to be a pleasant and involving romance about a young man overcoming his fear of connecting with people.

As Lars in Lars and the Real Girl, Ryan Gosling brings gravity and personality to a character that if tailored to fit a big named comic movie star like Jim Carrey or Will Smith might have lost some of his sincerity. Gosling is grounded though and that’s what makes this story work, that’s what allows the audience to become involved in what is actually a pretty absurd idea. It’s easy for us to believe that the town would go along with it when Lars introduces a blow up doll as his real girl friend whom he met on-line. We There are grumbles for sure, especially from his older brother, but because we care so much for this harmless young man, we want them to go along with it. Because in a sense isn’t that what they’ve sometimes imagined, isn’t that what we sometimes imagine when things are horrible in real life, to live out those romances we see in the movies, where we meet the perfect companion, and experience those dramatic ups and downs as if we were in a three act structure, ending happily or tragically. (more…)