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“I Am Legend”: Sacrifices Nothing

December 20, 2007

I Am Legend

Most often than not the big budget films of the year will pander to their audiences; too much handed to us, too much force fed. Excitement is equated with explosion. Ideas are sacrificed for marketability. Character development is exchanged for a big climax. I Am Legend does none of this. Except for maybe the big climax – but it’s well deserved.

Quickly, a virus breaks out, kills everyone except for the scientist hard at work at ground zero, also known as New York City. The island is cut off. The rest that survived can’t be explained. I will only say that it’s a world full of tension, the silence of a naked city is almost worse than what’s waiting around the corner. Though what’s waiting around the corner is deadly too. Robert Neville, our scientist, our hero, is left to live in this world alone. His only connection with life is his German Shepherd. He lives out a routine, perhaps so he doesn’t go mad. The dog has become more than a companion, he’s the last shred of reality that Neville clings to, and Will Smith lets you know this. And not by saying it, but by giving a surprisingly strong and sympathetic performance. There’s a reason why Will Smith is the biggest international superstar we have, and it’s not only based on box office receipts, its because he cares about the roles he takes on. He could have easily been Will Smith, strolling through this movie, letting us fall prey to the pandering, but he doesn’t…