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“One Missed Call”: Taking a Break from the Awards Season

January 7, 2008

One Missed Call

After the movie this evening I sat in the dark theatre by myself waiting for the credits to finish. I had an eerie sense that something was under the seats and surrounding me in the darkness. But the five or six audience members around me had already left. Then as the credits were about done a shadowy figure arose in the front row, ambled slowly up the aisle towards me and I watched him pass out of the corner of my eye hoping that he wouldn’t rush me with a knife. In the car on the way home, rain covering my window I thought I saw a figure standing in the shadows, hit my windshield wipers and it was just a black metal grating on a door. I’m not going to say One Missed Call was a good movie, because it wasn’t. But at a certain point it started hitting the right buttons and left my common sense running from my imagination.

It’s like eating through most of a rotting apple before getting to a healthy core watching this film, and I had to eat through a lot of rot. I almost left. The healthy core comes from the fact that it is based on a Japanese film directed by prolific and effective Takashi Miike. He’s one of the directors I go to when I’m bored with the common movies that pour into our multiplexes on a weekly basis. He’s a master of the macabre and the surreal many times pushing envelopes I didn’t know existed. I go into greater detail about Miike here.