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“From Across the Room”: Awesome song!

August 21, 2008

The Company Logo...and top of website...
The Company Logo…As Artistic Director, this is what I try to do.

Being Artistic Director of a Theatre Company gives me the opportunity to facilitate creativity in several fashions that I never expected to be able to do.

Earlier this year I co-produced, co-directed, co-wrote and co-MC’ed a variety show. It was the first fundraiser and live show Theatre Unleashed did as a company. It was a fantastic time and every seat in the house was filled. One of the biggest hits was the absolutely hilarious and somewhat unnerving song: “From Across the Room”.

Written by our very own Andrew Moore. Last Saturday I sat down in a  neighbor’s studio apartment and listened (I as producer) as he recorded that song. And here it is. An absolutely hilarious song, that’s worth the .99 cents. All proceeds go to our non-profit theatre company. Please enjoy!

And come see one of our upcoming shows The Tempest or Through a Caffeine Haze. Info is at our website.

Unfortunately since it doesn’t seem I can post a snowcap player here on wordpress, here’s the link to the song itself…enjoy! It’s worth the .99cents.

From Across the Room

At Your Local Movie Theatre?…Noooo! Live Theatre!!! Theatre Unleashed!!!

June 8, 2008

What We Should Have Said

For those of you wondering why…oh dear God why hasn’t Phil been writing about all of his favorite movies like Kung-Fu Panda (which I promise I will this week) or writing his second reaction to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or even making it to the theatre to see such high class fare like Sex and the City *cough*. And why I haven’t written about my being Artistic Director of a theatre company in Los Angeles called Theatre Unleashed! Well, the explanation is below. If you’re in Los Angeles, swing by and give it a gander.