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“Thirst”: a rich blood soaked love story

September 13, 2009
Two lost souls...undead lost souls...which is kind of redundant.
Two lost souls…two undead lost souls…which is kind of redundant.

Thirst, the new film by Hitchcock virtuoso, Korean director Chan-wook Park, chronicles a love affair that’s tainted from the beginning and not just because it involves a Priest who becomes a Vampire.

Over the years vampires have been used for a hefty amount of serious metaphors, from the original undying love of Bram Stoker’s creation to the teen angst of Edward Cullen from the Twilight series, to Allan Ball’s “coming out” creations on his hit HBO series True Blood. Park, though, has a way, like Tarantino, of bending a genre to his whims in ways that defy even the best stories out there (such as any of the above) and burning visual moments into your retina that will stick with you until you die.