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“The Duchess”: Or Cold Apple Pie

September 24, 2008
It's like a plume of peacock feathers.

Okay, that hair is me there.

I love apple pie, especially with ice cream that drizzles down the side. You look at it, imagine how savory it would be, then imagine the pie still warm. Now walk across the room and see another apple pie, no ice cream, you bite in and it’s cold…even lukewarm…and somehow, even though you love apple pie, it’s underwhelming. That’s how I felt while watching The Duchess, somehow cheated by what it could have been. I felt…underwhelmed.

The wonderful Kiera Knightley has been proving herself a marvelous actor over the past few years. Ever since her performance in The Jacket and Pride and Prejudice I’ve been wowed by her with each and every role since. She has a fire in her eyes, a hope she brings to each of her characters that allows you to believe in her. As Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, that fire has been doused.