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“Clash of the Titans”: Bleeds your pocket book and soul

April 11, 2010

You can't run from bad dialogue.

How does one go about making Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson look like bad actors? It may be the only thing Clash of the Titans succeeds at. Let’s take a look.

In this update, heroic grandstanding and cheapo monsters have been replaced with hollow whispering and nifty creature design. Characters come and go as needed with very little reason for being there in the first place. In fact the only reason for most of the characters to exist is to help out during the much advertised scorpion scene or to die stupidly during the incredibly boring Medusa scene. (more…)

In Bruges: And the Biggest Oscar Debacle of the Year — Thank you Focus Features

February 18, 2009
Good times on the set of "In Bruges"...before Focus Features dropped the ball.

Good times on the set of "In Bruges"...before Focus Features dropped the ball.

In Bruges, written and directed by Martin McDonagh, is by and far the best movie of 2008, certainly better than several of the Best Picture Oscar contenders, and while worthy of a Best Orignal Screenplay nomination, it’s certaily worth more than that. It’s funny, contemplative, sad, hopeful, tragic, meaningful, poetic, bristling with intensity, violence, romance…any positive adjective you can throw at it will probably stick, and it lingers on all of these without diminishing the tone and overall spirit of the film itself. It’s a work of breathtaking genius that has stuck with me since the very beginning of the year. This is a film that’s just as perfect as last years No Country for Old Men, but somehow it’s been almost completely overlooked at the Oscars. Who’s fault is it that a gem like this isn’t as appreciated as it needs to be?


“The Duchess”: Or Cold Apple Pie

September 24, 2008
It's like a plume of peacock feathers.

Okay, that hair is me there.

I love apple pie, especially with ice cream that drizzles down the side. You look at it, imagine how savory it would be, then imagine the pie still warm. Now walk across the room and see another apple pie, no ice cream, you bite in and it’s cold…even lukewarm…and somehow, even though you love apple pie, it’s underwhelming. That’s how I felt while watching The Duchess, somehow cheated by what it could have been. I felt…underwhelmed.

The wonderful Kiera Knightley has been proving herself a marvelous actor over the past few years. Ever since her performance in The Jacket and Pride and Prejudice I’ve been wowed by her with each and every role since. She has a fire in her eyes, a hope she brings to each of her characters that allows you to believe in her. As Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, that fire has been doused.