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“Passages”: Phase One Complete

September 1, 2007

seventh sealOne thing that Phil-zine used to be before I brought it to the blog verse was a self-study on my accomplishments and failures in the film industry, my creative ambitions and my personal life, and many times how these intersected. It’s something that with this post I hope to start delving into again.

As a writer I’m sometimes plagued with ideas that I have to write and I can’t sleep until I do so. That’s how the script, that what first was called “Darkness” in its infancy of a rough draft was called, began. At the end of the first draft, which I finished earlier this evening, the title has shifted to “Passages: Born into Darkness”. Like my last script “The Cabin” (which I may rename to make it more thematically relevant and I guess interesting) it was born from a few very frightening dreams. While “The Cabin” dealt with my relationship with women and the emotional trauma I had been going through at the time (read my write up on Ingmar Bergman), “Passages” seemed to stem from a seed that wanted to deal with my family and my religious upbringing. I began writing it nearly a year ago, breaking to work on a script with my old roommate (which while it’s still making rounds at some agencies we’ll begin rehauling with a new draft soon enough.) It was a good six or eight months before I came back to it. (more…)