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Role Models: Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

November 20, 2008
They know how to play innocent.

They know how to play innocent.

Okay, wow! I saw Role Models Friday (just after Quantum of Solace, yes a good night) and then a second time the very next day. And get this, I laughed equally as hard both times. Time Magazine recently made a case for comedies getting Oscars based on this movies…I agree.

Paul Rudd over the last 2 years has become one of my favorite actors to go see. There’s so much honesty in his face. He hides nothing from you. That’s where the center of this film lies, in Rudd’s honesty. He plays a man that doesn’t know how much he needs human connection, so he pushes it away. You can see his anger, and sadness and relate to it, and laugh at it.