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Bangkok Dangerous: Bangkok Retarded! more like it…

September 12, 2008

Worst chase sequence...ever!

Worst chase sequence...ever!




Bangkok Dangerous is a remake of The Pang Brothers first Hong Kong action film – a movie I have not seen. Since then they made a film called The Eye, a trite collage of other horror films in which a woman gets an eye replacement and can not only see ghosts, but can see into a future which she tries to stop from occurring. It was a retarded movie. Then I saw their first American film, The Messengers, a retarded horror film about a family moving out into the middle of absolutely nowhere to start a cotton farm or something to that effect…it was simply retarded.

The Pang Brothers are not good filmmakers. In any sense of the two words that comprise that single word, film and makers. They are not even mediocre filmmakers, so it was a little surprising to see some mediocre elements in their remade version of Bangkok Dangerous. Which in fact is a little derivative of a much better Hong Kong action film called Running Out of Time by the far more prolific and competent director Tsui Hark.