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“Tell No One”: Undoing a service

September 14, 2008
Must. Get. To. The. End. Of. The. Movie.... before people realize how bad it is!

Must. Get. To. The. End. Of. The. Movie.... before people realize how bad it is!

Now, before I can do anything else this day, before I can even eat, I have to undo a justice that has been placed upon a film. Because so many critics have given the film Tell No One, the French thriller, you may feel you have to go see it. If this urge comes over you, fight it at all costs!

Instead stay at home and read one of a million crime novels that tread exactly the same waters beat for beat, then watch LA Confidential, The Constant Gardner or Gone Baby Gone. All superior thrillers that re better on their tenth viewing than Tell No One could ever hope to be on it’s first.



February 16, 2008


Untraceable is a movie built on toothpicks and glued together with thin ideas. It begins smart and then contradicts its own message then contradicts that it contradicts its own message.

Diane Lane plays FBI agent Jennifer Marsh (who inexplicably has her own imdb character page.) Ms. Marsh isn’t a field agent, instead she sits around a computer terminal and tracks down the fraudulents that litter our world wide internet searching for helpless victims. It’s a big world to be searching through, with it’s own intangible language of numbers and codes and mirrors and walls, but she’s an expert alright. She can glean a lot about a person just by knowing what kind of merchandise they’re buying. Then she runs into a stumper. Someone is running an untraceable website in which victims are put into torture devices, just as clever but not as gory as the ones used in the Saw films, and the quicker viewer ship escalates the quicker the victims die. It’s the Nielson ratings system from hell.