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The Ghost Writer

March 31, 2010

Even he thinks it's a bit of a stretch.

Ghost writers are rarely thanked for their work and quickly forgotten. I have a friend that does this as a profession. They do the work, their job, and disappear to work on the next project. Shifting from one patient to the next, like Doctors, uninvolved emotionally; they are out for themselves, which is not a bad thing. Such is the case of the character played by Ewan McGregor (who does a really fine job here), who is simply referred to as The Ghost on, in Roman Polanski’s newest bit of cinematic story trickery The Ghost Writer. In fact, at one point when our hero is asked which side he’s on, he simply says his own.


RocknRolla: Highly Entertaining

November 20, 2008
The train is already here.

The train is already here.

Here I finally sit forcing myself to write only because I enjoyed Guy Ritchie’s new movie RocknRolla so much! A little rusty and I saw the movie about a month ago, so bear with me.

You may remember his other films Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, both enjoyable but somewhat flimsy models of what cool is (Brad Pitt was the best part of Snatch). For every great portion or moment there was an equally awkward and heavy handed moment that showed Ritchie to be a purveyor of style but lacked the true tools to tell a completely engaging story. I haven’t even found the time to watch his complete misfires Revolver or Swept Away. Alas, I am here to proclaim to you that RocknRolla may simply be one of the most enjoyable movies I’ll see this year.



“Cassandra’s Dream”

February 5, 2008

Cassandra’s Dream

It’s been a week since I’ve seen Woody Allen’s new effort Cassandra’s Dream and I still remember the two main character’s names, Terry (Colin Farrell) and Ian (Ewan McGregor). Not because these brothers are really that memorable, it’s because they say each other’s names so many times there’s no possible way you could forget. It’s “Terry this”, “Terry that”, “What are you doing Terry?”, “Terry you’re not thinking Terry.” And a lot of this comes in one conversation. 

Obviously a little exaggerated, but at a certain point it starts to feel unnatural. You begin to feel that these aren’t two human beings you’re watching, but constructs. A way for Allen to deal with the things he finds to be most interesting; goddless world, murder, death, sex, obsession, ambition, love…and how all of these things can corrupt or at least become rationalizations for corruption. And there’s some decent rationalizing done. 

There’s a lot of repetition used as filler. We get certain things that we’re still hearing about two scenes later.  Then sudddenly you’re cuaght up in what’s happening. It’s back and forth, in and out. Unrewarding then thrilling. And I have a feeling that Allen knows this. There are pieces of dialogue that point directly to him knowing this. It’s fine that he wants to be clever about it, but that doesn’t mean it works entirely. So much of it comes down to, how much do we like these characters?


“Michael Clayton”: rolling in the grey zone

October 12, 2007

michael clayton

It used to be that September and October were the graveyard months for movies that just weren’t going to cut it, that down time when little surprises like Saw had a chance. This year however has been wildly different. I’ve already seen some of my favorite movies of the year since late September. Michael Clayton is one of them.

When I initially saw the trailer I was far from wowed. It’s not that the film looked boring, which it did, but it looked like it followed suit with all of those other self-important star driven lawyer movies in which a big company killing hundreds of people will be taken down by the guy who is a lost cause himself. But trailers are deceptive. When I read that George Clooney originally wanted to direct it, I decided to give it a second chance. The one thing I respect about Clooney is that he’s a story teller first. He’ll put his own ego behind and tell something he thinks is important to tell. I’m glad I gave it a second chance. (more…)