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“The Incredible Hulk”: Fights the Good Fight

June 23, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

The Hulk in The Incredible Hulk is savage, wildly so. Roaring at thunder and launching a rock into the sky, he’s ready to take on the elements! But he knows just when to pull back, as does the director and screenwriter.

Humanity remains in the title character, that big green monster that would rather smash than talk things through. And like many comic book characters from years gone by there are lessons we can learn from our hero’s dilemmas. What in Bruce Banner, Hulk’s alter ego’s, plight can we learn from? What relates to us as people? It’s a far more difficult question to answer than you think. How many of us are so angry that we have emotional breakdowns? Not many.

But on a smaller scale how many of us scream at a car that just cut us off, or want to punch the person who just cut in front of us in line or how many of us become angry at things we see in the news – unable to do anything about what we’re watching? or how many of us witness out children unable to take the bullies picking on them anymore unleash a torrent of anger, sometimes with fists…these days too often with guns. When I was in middle school a girl brought a razor blade to school to fight another girl! How many fights are started over petty things like this? The Hulk has a lot it can teach us and our children.


“Into the Wild”, the final beautiful journey

September 27, 2007

into the wild

As the movie began, three or four images in, the person behind me whispered to his friend, “I hate it already”. I threw the most annoyed glance behind me that I’ve thrown to anyone I can remember. Certainly Sean Penn comes off a bit self-important at times, but he ‘s smart enough to know when to step back and stay behind the camera. And that self-important seriousness is perfectly fitting in this film, a film about a young wanderer who when fed up with society treks to Alaska to live off the wild.