The Search for a good weapon; Indiana Jones’s next adventure or; How Philzine is found

The Bowling Pin

On these blogs, for those of you that don’t have them, it keeps track of how people come across your site. It can be very flattering in some cases and make you feel like a completely uninteresting person with nothing worthwhile to say in other cases. Like the things you want to talk about don’t really matter to anyone else.

For instance, yesterday I had three people actually search for “Phil zine” — very flattering. Thank you to the three people that did this. But on the other hand one of the reasons why I’ve been so consistently tagged by viewers over the past few months is because they’ve come across my page searching with these two words… “bowling” … “pin”. And inevitably they end up on this little corner of my blog-verse

Or reading about a little known film There Will Be Blood.

You see I threw up the image of the pin in reference to last years There Will Be Blood and one of my favorite movies The Shining. I thought it was a clever little post comparing the similarities between the two films and the humorous fact that while Jack Torrence uses an axe, Daniel Plainview uses a…bowling pin. It seemed absurdist to the Nth degree, in a good way.

Sometimes people will stumble onto my site wondering what Kerri Green (check out my Lucas review) has been up to. Or wanting concrete thoughts on Southland Tales (I do have a review about that up as well.) But I never thought once in my life would I get so many hits because I deal with a bowling pin. It’s such a strange thing for everyone to want to search for. In this sleep deprived state that I’m in I can imagine knowing is the only thing that will make me happy again, so please leave me your comments and remarks about this white piece of wood that brings everyone so much joy on-line and in the world.

It’s so popular George Lucas might end up using it in his 5th Indiana Jones outing as Shia LeBeouf globe trot looking for an ivory pin.

For those of you looking for stock footage of bowling pins, look no further, Uncle Phil has come to the rescue. Here.

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